Wedding Gown Shopping

I've begun the search for my wedding gown. In about a month, I've already been to FIVE different shops. At every shop, I found one dress that I sorta liked but didn't commit to. Until I found "the one," the second I put it on, I knew it was everything I was looking for. Truth be told I am a very indecisive person, I tried on many dresses that looked great on me, that I could have easily settled on. SETTLE? who wants to settle on your big day though?! NOT I!!! However I may just have to, since this particular dress cost $7000. In fact all the dresses I've liked, have been out of my budget. I never realized just how expensive wedding gowns are. All I'm thinking about now, is how the heck am I gonna afford this dress. I'm a bit devastated because knowing myself, I just wont allow myself to spend that much on a dress. There has to be something that I equally love, for a fraction of the cost. I've truly been exhausting myself in every way with the wedding planning and still we have no date, no venue and no dress.