What's in my Bag?

Happy national lipstick day ladies!
Today I'm spilling what's in my bag...
This particular bag is obviously on the smaller side, so I tend to carry much less than I normally do. This is truly my list of essentials!
* Here I went for a card holder rather than my full wallet. This mint green faux crocodile card holder is from Target, whoop whoop they have great prices that I just can't pass up.
* Gotta have my sunnies and phone at all times. I've been using this Milkyway Iphone case because it perfectly accentuates the gold back to my phone. I've had this one for awhile and still love it to death but I 'am currently looking for an alternate.
* As far as makeup goes and for the sake of this mini bag, I opted out of carrying my mascara and eyeliner and went for just my compact. This Nars compact is great, it comes with a mirror and has great coverage for last minute touch ups. I always carry a lipstick, lip gloss and a lip balm no matter what. As far as today's rotation: YSL Gloss Volupte #19 , Tom Ford #14 Sable Smoke Lip Color, and Sin-Min's Horchata lip balm. The gloss is the perfect touch of shine and provides just a touch of color. The lipstick is a great nude shade to vamp it up and the lip balm keeps my lips hydrated throughout the day while smelling yummy hehe. I actually got this lip balm in a goodie bag and I'm obsessed with it. What are your fav lippies? XO