My Post Haircut

Hello lovebugs! 
These photos were taken the day before my haircut. I'm missing the long locks! I thought that after my haircut I was going to be ecstatic but on the contrary, I was almost in tears. It didn't turn out like I had wished. Is it common to have regret after a big hair change? I have yet to find "my hairdresser" because of many horror stories, so through my co-workers referral, I opted to go to a reputable beverly hills salon. I knew I would pay more, but I thought at last I'd be amazed and in love with my new hair. Needless to say $500 dollars later, (yes $500!) I hate my hair! my highlights look really ashy. I hate saying this but I feel like they look so 909. I contacted the hairdresser, and she has agreed to fix the color. Now my concern is that I still will not be satisfied. I've never paid this much in my life to get my hair done and I feel as though in this case, I should love it .. we shall see.. xo 

Outfit - Forever21