LV SERIES 2 - A Selfie Mecca

My first designer handbag was the Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy. I bought it on one of my first trips to Paris as an adult. The handbag is not only a classic staple for me, but it also has sentimental value. It was only fitting to sport it on my visit to Louis Vuitton's Series 2 in LA. The exhibit blew my mind; It was very much an experience! I loved the way it was executed, each room alluded to the next and it was truly as if I was living a story. It was a modern interpretation and preview of the spring fashion show and it brought me to life. I've never been to a fashion show but I sure felt the excitement of one through this exhibit. It was beautiful, unexpected and visually stimulating all  throughout! I highly recommend that you check out this selfie mecca, as it only runs till February 22nd.