Here it is, my first post on the new blog!
Everything I'm wearing in this post happens to be new as well hahaha :P
Over the holidays I entered myself in an Instagram contest hosted by YMI jeans and one of my fav blogger's Sazan Barzani. As I entered, I told myself that I would be a winner, and sure enough I won! I've actually never won anything before, so it felt amazing to get a notification that I was one of the lucky winners. It was a good day, and a perfect example of the law of attraction.  I finally got my winnings in the mail the other day, and couldn't wait to share what I thought of the jeans. I can't really complain about a free pair of jeans! I was actually stoked that they sent me a pair in a black wash rather than an original denim wash. I have to say, the "YMI  love skinny jeans" make your butt look great, which just so happens to be perfect for their next IG challenge "the buttfie." The only con about these jeans is that the front zipper pockets are not real pockets. As far as the other pieces to my outfit, I felt that the Stories by KO sweater was a bit over priced for the quality. I love me some collar action  though and this sweater does that for me. The Quay sunnies were purchased on sale on Asos; I'd been eyeing them for a bit.  So glad I bought them, I'm totally in love with how fun they are!  What do you guys think of the look? I happen to think it's a great ootd! XO

Sweater // Stories by KO
Sunnies // QUAY
Jeans // YMI
Booties // Forever21