And the TeaTox Begins

Yes it's summer and I'm way behind getting bikini ready! I did get that gym membership in hopes that I would go frequently but that fell off real quick. Im trying to push myself but I'm just the laziest girl you'll ever meet. I love my junk food and I hate working out! I can tell myself everyday that I'll go and I always find an excuse not to! I just have to go! Anyone else having this problem? I need a workout buddy! I could be more toned and well I hear exercising is supposed to make you happy so I need to get this going! Anywho, I've read a bunch about these detox teas and so I have decided to try it out! I purchased the mate fit  teatox! I will let you know if I see any results! I mainly thought these "teatoxes" interesting for the fact that they reduce bloating and increase energy levels! I need that in my life! Fingers crossed, I hope this works! XO