Japan part deux

Tokyo is very vibrant and alive. In a sense, it reminds me of New York, it too delivers the hustle and bustle of a real city. Skyscrapers, lit up signs, crowded metros, large parks, businessmen everywhere and the smell of cigarettes, make it a true metropolis. There are so many little cities within one big city, if that makes any sense. Every little area has it's own energy! It's easy to visit them all, as the main form of transportation is by train, which I loved. As far as culture goes, the Japanese are very polite, or at least it seams that way. Everything is very neat and compact. The Japanese work really hard. I suppose the Japanese have to grow up very quickly and it is perhaps for that reason that on their off time they indulge in games and childish activities. It was surprising to me to see small children riding the metro without any supervision. Many people stay out very late, and get very drunk. I barely saw any homeless people. 
I thought the best part about Japan would be the food. However, it was difficult for me to enjoy the Japanese cuisine, normally it's my favorite! However during my trip, my stomach was very sensitive.. I'm not sure if the places I chose to eat at, had any involvement or perhaps my jet lag but it was a little disappointing for me. I thought I would have the best sushi and the most amazing BBQ and ramen. I can't honestly say that I fell in love with anything I ate there. Yoshinoya in Japan is quite good and let me say that it's a million times better in Japan. I did enjoy eating the small rice sandwiches sold at the 7/elevens and Lawson stores.  Anyways here are some photos I took... Enjoy! XO
Pachinko, a form of gambling in Japan.
The famous Shibuya Crossing seen from the Starbucks.
Tokyo Tower
Red light district
Sensoji temple
Entrance to Harajuku town

Little shop in Harajuku/ They love their crepes!