Facebook Fail

So much social media......So little time!!!
As your probably aware, I do not have a Facebook. Awhile back I deactivated my account for personal reasons. I felt that it was interfering with my life. It caused for unnecessary drama and stress. I do believe it helped my relationship with Gabriel quite a bit. Now however, I've started up my blog again and have wanted to promote it in certain circles and thought perhaps Facebook would be a good place for that. Sooooo last night I reactivated... and boy was I overwhelmed! I hadn't logged in since 2012 and it had saved everything up until that moment. (Come to find out that deactivate is what they intend for you to do, while delete is what you wanted to do. Not to mention how hard it is to locate these things in the settings/ help areas.) After about twenty minutes of browsing, I came to the realization that I didn't want to put myself back on FB. It has become so complicated! I'd rather my life be a mystery to others. Also, I don't like comparing my life to others and FB seemed to only enable me to do so. What do you think about Facebook? What are your thoughts on how it affects relationships and oneself?
Here is a link to a tutorial that helped me figure out how to DELETE my account rather than deactivate.
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