Vanity Vamp

As I mentioned I moved back to Hollywood. I have a small studio apartment, in which I'm still trying to figure out how to organize my stuff. I recently updated my bathroom vanity area. I organized my jewelry and makeup so that it's more easily accessible.
This was a fun task and it helped me clean out a bunch of old stuff I no longer needed. I encourage you to de-clutter your life, it's something I'm trying to do this new year.
For Hanukkah, I received some really cute mirrored jewelry boxes from my grandmother (found at Target). They are different sizes and different prints so they add dimension and character to the space.
I put my most precious and most worn pieces in these jewelry boxes, while my other (mostly fashion jewelry) is in an organizational pocket hanger in the closet.

From Pinterest, I got the idea to use my old candle containers to store my nail polishes. It was really simple to clean them out and remove the labeling. I just soaked them in boiling hot water. These candle  holders (from Bath and Body Works) have silver tops, so they tie into the decor well. 
For my makeup, I always loved the acrylic makeup organizers and these I purchased from the Muji store in Hollywood.  I bought the two drawer sets and  stacked them. I don't have too much makeup just yet, so four drawers worked perfect for me. I used a mason jar to hold my makeup brushes and simply placed my perfume on top of the acrylic containers. The one thing I think it's lacking is a fresh bouquet of flowers. How do you think it turned out? Let me know what how you've organized your space! XO