tout est possible.

Hey there!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Christmas is over and now everyone has moved onto the next thing.. the New Year! In the past, I've always sorta dreaded the New Year. It meant Christmas was over, that I was going to be another year older, and it was another reminder of what resolutions I had not really met. I've always tried to set some new year resolutions, but I conveniently forgot about them in time haha. 2013 had it's tough moments for me, but I'm proud of how much I've grown.
I'm feeling good about the prospect of this new year! I'm already under the impression that this year is going to be amazing! I'm so excited for 2014! My main resolution this year is TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF.  I'm convinced that this is a good resolution for us all. I'm so fortunate to have an amazing family and great friends that support me and push me to follow my dreams! This year I need to stop doubting my abilities and my talent. I need to pursue my passions! What about you, what are your resolutions for 2014?

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year! I'm wishing you the best in 2014! XO