Recently I've been faced with the hardships of friendship. Why is it that friendships among woman are so hard to maintain? Men just squash their beef and move forward, and that is perhaps why their friendships are much stronger. Woman hold grudges, spread gossip and are hurtful. I just don't understand why woman do that to themselves. Friendship is important in life.
I've always only had a handful of friends, and kept them close to me. I believe that true friendships endure. I consider myself to be a great friend and I'm unwilling to let go of a friendship that I have invested myself in, especially over petty things. I genuinely care about the friends I have, and would do most anything for them.
So lately, I've been distressed about how my friendships are falling apart. What I thought to be great friends of mine, may not have been. It's troubling to think that someone doesn't care about your friendship as much as you do. I found that its important to communicate your feelings... After all, true friends are real with one another. If you cant be honest with your friends, who can you be honest with. We all fight but in the end, its not worth losing someone you care about. XO