More thoughts..

The only thing that was holding us together was our Love.
We have so many issues, its unbelievable. We don't have the same idea for our futures, we don't live the same lifestyles, we value different things.. the list is never ending.
I asked him if he really believed we could pull through all of this. He said, it was a long shot but that he believed in our love. What a bunch of crap..  He used the idea of our love to manipulate me. He was taking advantage of being close to me without having to be my boyfriend. He has always taken advantage of me. I was always just there for his convenience. When it came to my needs, he was always MIA.We've been going through such a rough time. All I wanted was for it to get better. If you were going through something of this magnitude, wouldn't you want to try and resolve as much as you could, as fast as you could? Wouldn't you devote all your time and efforts? He has done nothing. He will do nothing. I just don't understand what I'm doing! Why do I keep falling for his lies? All this time, I thought he was a genuine person. All this time I devoted my love to him, and for what? To find out that when he says he wants try and work it out, what he really is saying, is stick around till I find a new girl. If you want to fuck around, do it. Dont be a fucking coward. He always has an excuse for everthing that is clear cut. If you wrote a girl: "hey here is my number, I think we should hang out sometime".. doesn't that mean what u say??? If you tell your friend that you need whores, and that your looking for hoes to bring to his crib, doesnt that mean what you say?? If you say you stayed up all night and omit that you actually went to the strip club, is that honest? Im confused, how does that not mean exactly what it means?
Yea this guy is a piece of work. Its actually pretty pathetic.