I think I'm crazy.

So yesterday, I pretty much embarrassed myself. I texted him all day. It was like my mind could only think about him. I went from angry to sad, from angry to sad,over and over again. I blew up his phone with all my thoughts. I think he thinks I'm crazy. I think I'm going crazy. Its hard to let someone go, let alone someone you thought you'd be with forever! still after everything I told him, I feel like he just doesn't care. Someone asked me if he fought for me..customarily you fight for what you want right!? well, he didn't and I guess that means he doesn't want me. When you love someone, you do everything in your power to make them better when their hurt..after what he did to me, I don't think I believe he did everything in his power.Maybe I'm crazy but it just seems as though he's ready to leave...I guess maybe he was always ready. I guess guys are different, but love speaks for all......his love isn't speaking. Yesterday, i cried hysterically pretty much all day long. Despite everything all I wanted was for him to just find me and hug me really tight. I don't know how things are going to play out but I'm just going to concentrate on me. Today I've had a little bit of progress hah.. Brazilian wax, lunch at a cool spot with lots of eye candy, and then off to work.

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