A new year. A fresh start?

I've decided to take up blogging. My life is in shambles and perhaps this could prove to be therapeutic. I kicked off my new year with a break up. I've never experienced so much pain in my whole life. I literally shutdown for over a week. I wasn't eating, sleeping, breathing..just crying my brains out! I know I'm only 25 years old and yada yada yada but I truly thought this would be the man I would marry. It's a long complicated story, but needless to say it was a betrayal. Seems like everyone I know has been through something similar and all the consoling just made me more sick. How can people do this to the ones they supposedly love? 
I feel like my generation doesn't know LOVE. It's too caught up with "being cool", selfishness and temptation. I feel as though my generation has bad morals. I find myself wondering if Love truly conquers all, because I sure as hell am suffering. 
Despite it all, I know that the love I felt was consuming and real and I don't know if I can just abandon it. Now I'm reevaluating my life. I love him so much and maybe its foolish to try to work things out but I have to know that I tried my hardest to make this relationship work or I'll regret it.