Oh please BE MINE

Just thinking about Valentine's Day has got me lusting for all things hearts, red, pink, and lovely! Customarily, your supposed to be looking for gifts for your partner... oopsy

(Note: You can click on the photos for links and be a shopaholic like me. )

Gosh, these sandals have been on my wishlist for quite some time now. They are just too cute! A good pair of flats is a must, because lets be honest who roams the city in their heels all day? Gotta take care of those feet, and why not give them some love with these bad boys hahaha.

I don't own a pair of pink heels. These would be perfect don't you think? Pink is like one of my fav colors; I'm so confused as to why I don't already own a pair. These are so affordable and really classic. For some reason, I feel like they give off a Sarah Jessica Parker vibe.

A red dress seems like appropriate attire for Valentines day. I love these two picks so much. They exude sexy and are both the perfect pop of red! I actually tried the strapless ForLoveandLemons dress on in black and fell in love with it, but now that I see it in red, it's got me thinking I wanna be the lady in red. I also think red works better on brunettes. 

I threw a white dress in the mix because who wants to be basic and like everyone else. This dainty little number is so girly and feminine, and is perfect for a little Vday outing. Pair it with those pink heels and you've got magic! 

Red nail polish is a staple and go big or go home, right?  I'm so curious about Christian Louboutin's nail polish line. Is it worth the  $ ???

Can't do Valentine's day without a little lingerie. If you don't already own a naughty number, there are probably many other options that would suit the occasion better, but this  seemed so cutesy to me and I just love it!

Well there you have it, a  list of wants  that I LOVE.  I hope your Valentine spoils you, and if he doesn't why not spoil yourself... YOU DESERVE IT!