summer body

Hello Summer!

Summer is here!!! I went to the beach for the first day of summer/father's day and it was very fitting. Spent the day in the sand with my fambam and had a most pleasant beachside lunch with my pops! Every time I go to the beach, I'm reminded of how enjoyable it is. I hope this summer I spend way more time enjoying the salty air, and laying out in the sunshine. With that being said, It's important to get that perfect bathing suit in order. I haven't quite found this years perfect swimsuit. I think this season, I'm leaning towards a red, white or nude bikini. It seems that one pieces are very in this year and that's perfect for me because I'm not bikini ready. I've purchased this frankie's bikini one just recently and I love how flirty it is. I also wore it on my euro trip and it was a hit! I still gotta get that new new though, and so the hunt continues!  Happy Hunting! XO

Swimsuit // Frankie's Bikinis
Hat // Monique's Boutique (Irvine Farmer's Market)
Towel // Target

And the TeaTox Begins

Yes it's summer and I'm way behind getting bikini ready! I did get that gym membership in hopes that I would go frequently but that fell off real quick. Im trying to push myself but I'm just the laziest girl you'll ever meet. I love my junk food and I hate working out! I can tell myself everyday that I'll go and I always find an excuse not to! I just have to go! Anyone else having this problem? I need a workout buddy! I could be more toned and well I hear exercising is supposed to make you happy so I need to get this going! Anywho, I've read a bunch about these detox teas and so I have decided to try it out! I purchased the mate fit  teatox! I will let you know if I see any results! I mainly thought these "teatoxes" interesting for the fact that they reduce bloating and increase energy levels! I need that in my life! Fingers crossed, I hope this works! XO