Coco made me do it

I need a new black handbag. I've come to the realization, that I don't have a simple black purse that goes with everything. A classic everyday bag is needed, don't you think? Searching for the perfect one has been quite an ordeal and I still have not decided which to splurge on. The first designer black handbag I ever wanted was the Balenciaga "City". I still love the bag but over time my style has evolved and I no longer feel it's the right fit. I've lusted over Gavriel Mansur, Celine, Ysl, Chloe and Goyard. Are they all just trendy, until something new comes along though?! Chanel on the otherhand I would have to say is classic and timeless. I've been eyeing the Chanel Boy bags for quite some time. One things for sure those Chanel Bags are definitely not in my price range. I have found however that their handbags don't depreciate in value much. I guess the simple fact that I have chosen Chanel is an indication of my maturity. Chanel was made for the fashionable woman, not girl. So what do you guys think, should I bite the bullet and whip out that credit card?!! Well maybe for now I'll continue to lust over it, and splurge for my bday in a few months...well see how long that decision lasts. XO