polka dots


My birthday just passed and it's official I'm 28. I had the most wonderful bday dinner with my friends at Osteria Mozza. If you haven't been, it's a must! The food was so yummy! I mentioned in earlier posts that I wasn't too excited for my bday; mainly it was the idea of getting older. I'm not 30 yet, but it's scary to think I'm only two years away! I think mainly it's scary cuz you feel like you should have accomplished more than you have. I guess 30 could be the new 20 bahahah 
Anywho, I must say that this birthday was a reminder of just how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family! With all the chaos in my life lately, I found some happiness in that. I truly am fortunate! XO
Back to the fashion...here is my casual wednesday look ----->

Romper // Forever21
Sneeks // Converse
Bag // Aldo (iPad case that i made into a bag / old) 
Necklace // Tiffany&Co

Shop girl

I spent last tuesday evening with the boyfriend at the Americana. I always love taking a stroll through this shopping center. So many things to buy, not enough funds though!! I think after that trip, I'm all tapped out for awhile! I need to save my pennies for my big trip to Japan. Here is what a wore to shop around. It's a classic look that's comfortable and stylish. I think men's shirts make for a sexy look. I love how this shirt's color and polka dot pattern adds a soft feminine touch. What do you think? Xo

Shirt // Topshop
Pants // Forever21
Bag // Forever21
Shoes // Converse Leather Hi-tops