peter pan collar

Never Worn New

Like every girl, I look into my closet and tell myself I have nothing to wear. I know that just the thought is ridiculous, because my closet is filled with clothing I've never even worn before. Yes, I still have things with the tags on them. Today I decided to wear a sweater that I bought a year ago. This month, I'm going to try my hardest to wear the clothing that I have yet to wear. XO

Sweater // Peter Pilotto for Target 
Shirt // Forever21
Pants // Forever21
Sunnies // Celine

Dismal Days

Lately I've been feeling a bit down. I don't want to start my post off on a depressing note but I feel as though I'm receiving little validation for all my efforts. I've been holding onto the idea that I shouldn't give up, because great things take time, but damn can a girl get some sparkle in her life! Maybe I'm just PMS'n or maybe it's just that my birthday is coming up and I'm getting old. Oh the problems us girls face haha .. Anywhoo, here is a casual look from the other day. Thanks again for following my blog! Love my followers!!!  XOXO 

Top // Zara 
Shorts // Forever21
Heels // Forever21