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Forever lusting

Being broke sucks. I've started a new job and it's not really picking up as quickly as I hoped it would. It's hard to be broke when your a shopaholic. All I find myself doing is talking myself out of going to the mall and avoiding the checkout while online shopping. Forever 21 will always be a savior for the babe on a budget! While I can't yet afford the big names, I find comfort in that style doesn't depend on a price tag. I'll always buy what I like no matter what it costs, as long as I'm in LOVE. Here are some of my lusts from my online Forever 21 "window shopping" haha XO  

 Obsession with white right now... (get it here)
 Gotta love the rompers! (get it here)

 This one is for sure my fav pic! In all fairness, I've been lusting over it for months.. (get it here)
 I mean cmon, this tee is awesome! who doesn't want a #surfboart tee! (get it here)
Im into big rings right now. (get it here)