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Beachy Monday

I had such a lovely day today. I got to spend it with my lovely sister and adorable nephew.  We spent the day at Laguna Beach and then grabbed a sweet treat in Westminster after. I'd forgotten how much  I enjoy being in the OC. I really should spend more time at the beach; the fresh ocean air does the body good! Laguna is one of my favs, I love the giant rocks and beautiful clean scenery it offers. I must admit the one thing that I truly miss about OC is being close to my family. My sister is my best friend and it's sometimes depressing for me that we live far from one another. Granted it's not a million miles away, but with our busy lifestyles it makes it a bit difficult. Nevertheless whenever we see each other we try to squeeze a BOBA in. It's so much easier to grab a good boba in OC too. West Hollywood sure is lacking in that department haha
If you know of any unique boba spots, please do let me know. XO

Taro boba sundae ^^ 

outfit details:
Denim Jacket // Forever21
Skirt // NastyGal
Shoes // Converse Leather high tops
Sunnies // Quay Australia