LACMA does it again

So I just read this article on Racked about YouTube star Michelle Phan, and I thought it was super cool. I'm not really familiar with her work, but it definitely sparked my interest. She's younger than me and such an amazing human being, if what I read was true. She herself is a blogger sensation who has decided to provide the tools cost-free to those who also wish to pursue some form of blogging/vlogging. All week long, you might have noticed on my IG or Twitter (if you follow me there) that I've been questioning the power of blogging and why I want to pursue this. This article was very inspiring. Michelle Phan has used her success to help others succeed. She is encouraging so much creativity and empowering so many to do what they love. I only hope that if ever I get to this multitude of success in my life, that I can be as selfless as her. 

These photos have nothing to do with the above thoughts, but I do love the palm trees in them. hehe 
I had lunch at Lacma the other day, and decided to snap a quick ootd. Levitated mass is a rather cool installation. Another cool photo opp at Lacma, I must say!  The Stark bar at Lacma however is eh and over-priced. XO

Romper // older no brand info
Shoes & Bag // Forever21
Sunnies // Amazon (dior knock off)


I finally got around to visiting the DVF Journey of a Dress exhibit and let me tell you..what an incredible exhibit it was! I fell in love with every single inch of that place! I was taken away by how visually stimulated I was. The color, the neon, the patterns, the artwork, the history, the fashion, it was heaven! I encourage you to check it out before it ends, I know I'll be going back again hehe.. XO


Loved this shot of my brother uninterested but planted smack in the middle of a beautiful melange of patterns..makes for an awesome photo.

Jumpsuit // Forever21
Jacket // ZARA (older) similar here
Bag // Forever21
Shoes // Chinese Laundry Booties
Watch // Diesel