I sometimes feel like an outsider in the city that I grew up in. About a year or so after I finished high school, I moved to Orange County with my family. My early 20s were spent in a city that was nothing like LA. I wasn't much of a beach girl, yet I lived in a city that thrived on that beach life. Although it was an entirely different way to spend my early 20's, It was still wonderful! There are so many great things about Orange County, but I was always an LA girl at heart. I always knew I'd find my way back and here I am rediscovering my beautiful city. LA has so much life and character; it never disappoints. Even when I revisit some of my fav places, it's always a new experience. What are some of your favorite LA spots? XO

(I dont smoke / does this make me look cool? )

Top, Bag & Shoes // Forever21 
Pants // ZARA
Choker // Topshop
Sunnies // Celine


I call HOLLYWOOD my new home.
I did it, I moved back to LA! I was fearful and it took me some time, but I'm here now! I never realized how little I know about the ins and outs of this city. I long to rediscover it and truly make it my home. It's only natural that I belong in a city of FASHION, FAME, BEAUTY, ... oh and FOOD lol
A new chapter in my life is about to begin and what an adventure it will be. Following in the theme of the name RATEDRACHEL, I have decided to rate more of my discoveries and experiences.

Photocred: Jessica Jung
Dress from FOREVER21