Sorry I've been so MIA... I fully intended on blogging my trip to Hawaii, I just got so distracted with all the hoopla!!!! So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know I got engaged. Otherwise, I guess now you know :P 
I was completely caught off guard; I had no freakin' clue; what a surprise it was! This trip was made to celebrate my boyfriend's two friend's birthdays. Gabriel would never take away from anyones special day, and this is why I felt he would not propose to me on this trip. He has always been the type to pull through and make your special day even more special and never to subtract from that. He really is so thoughtful and I'm truly over the moon! We've come a long way and I'm so excited for what the future has in store for us. 

We had rented a private property for the first three days of our trip on the Big Island, Hawaii. The property was amazing, it was off the grid and surrounded with roughly 11 acres of beautiful land. While we all wanted to explore the trails and gardens on the property, it was a bit difficult to do so on the first two days because of our activity schedule and the rain. On the third day, I woke and made breakfast for the gang and then proceeded to get ready to take these blog photos. I felt pretty and was really happy that I got to finally take some decent pics of myself haha. After my mini photoshoot, I went to check on the boys and asked them what the plan was for the rest of the day. They wanted to explore the trails and check out the grounds. We all went as a group and my sister took her go-pro along, which I didn't think anything of. Gabriel and I held hands and led the group, he started off with I love you more than anything in the world and I kissed him, but paid little attention to his speech. I was too concerned with why everyone was walking so slow and remained at a distance. Until Gabriel finally shouted BABE to get my attention as he pulled out a ring box from his back pocket. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him and I replied "of course!" I was so surprised and in shock, I had no idea. I always wondered how he would ask me, and it turned out perfect. 

Modern Miss

Sorry I've been missing in action for the past week; I was in Hawaii, celebrating my boyfriend's birthday and my little sister's engagement! It was such a lovely trip. I was able to spend quality time with those I love. The week was also quite a treat thanks to the hotel. We had such a delightful stay at The Modern Honolulu. Here is a sneak peak...
Here I am on one of the living room balconies. 
Top- Topshop (old), Shorts- Charlotte Russe, Sandals- Mossimo for Target (old), Sunnies- Forever21

 The bedroom portion of our suite. Apart from the two balconies we had, this window in the bedroom was wonderful. I woke up here every morning for the last week and it was marvelous!
The view part 1
The view part 2
The view part 3

These views were breath-taking. I will be posting more pictures of my trip soon. 
Have a fantastic week! XO