happy valentines day


Hello there! I hope you all had a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Sorry for the delay on this post, I was celebrating with the boyfriend. He most certainly spoiled me! He actually bought me almost all the items from my Vday wish list, so I can't wait to post my new goodies. This photo shoot has left me wanting to wear more red. I don't own many red garments, but I love how bold and daring it is to wear. It sure was fun being the lady in red! XO

Jumpsuit // BEBE

99 or a dozen red balloons

Valentine's day.... I wouldn't say I'm disinterested in this hallmark holiday, but it does seem a bit overrated. For those who don't have partners or lovers, it may bring on somewhat depressing vibes. However for those who do, it perhaps provides a day to remind that person just how special they are to you. Sometimes in our busy chaotic lives we forget to stop and feel the love! You should always celebrate and cherish the one you love, no matter what day it is. Consider Valentine's day as just a friendly reminder! This impromptu red balloon photo shoot has got me feeling lighthearted and full of love.  XO

Dress // Lovers + Friends
Shoes // Rachel Roy