Jetset Rachel

Currently I'm siting on the plane, unable to sleep because a baby is crying it's face off. Ironically  I have the urge to go coddle him or her, like I know what I'm doing lol. Perhaps I'm getting older and babies are growing on me, or perhaps my sisters pregnancy has got me very excited to be an auntie. Nevertheless, I'm getting older and this year has already brought on many changes in my life so far. I'm so very excited to visit Japan. I've heard from many that the Japanese are quite friendly. Even though I have not set foot there yet, I can already feel the difference in hospitality. Having not been on a plane for longer than 6 hours in quite awhile, I find that this flight isn't too bad. I'm not sure if it's because I'm flying to Japan, but I've never been given a hot towel at departure or an ice cream sandwich as a snack on any flights I've ever been on, domestic or international. It also helps that the plane is rather empty, leaving room to take up an entire aile and sprawl out. Still with all the added comforts, I remain very anxious to begin my trip. Stay tuned for updates of my travels XO