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My Moto

The other day, in an attempt to make small talk with me, my fiance's friend asked me what my alltime favorite piece of clothing was (that I currently own.) I actually stared into my closet, trying to answer his question. I felt stupid that I had no immediate response. Today, I figured it out. It's definitely my cropped moto jacket! I always wear it, it's my "go to" for every outfit. 

On a side note.. how cute is this polka dot wall?!! 

Moto jacket // Nasty Gal

Top // unknown (small boutique buy)

Pants // ZARA

Boots // Shoedazzle/Paper Fox

Sunnies // Dior


The second I put this dress on, I realized that even wearing nude underwear wasn't gonna cut it. My fiance suggested I just go commando.  So I went for it, and although it feels liberating, it may not be the best idea for some outfits and by "outfiits," I mean dresses. I always envision the tabloid image of Britney Spears' vagina slip as she is getting out of a car. Also, in the 100 degree LA heat, this may not have been a good idea. I was excessively sweating and without underwear I was even more subconscious of possible disasters. Needless to say, I don't go commando very often and although I loved this outfit, it wasn't the perfect moment to wear it and perhaps I should invest in some spanx for it haha. XO

Dress// bought on melrose 

Jacket // Nasty gal 

Heels // Yves Saint Lauren

Bag // Rebecca Minkoff

Lady in RED

My lovely fiance told me something the other night that really stuck with me today. He said " I don't follow the rules; rules only limit people." I so desperately wish I wasn't so safe and that I'd take more risks. I do feel limited.. I feel a bit lost lately. I'm not motivated or passionate about my work and I do nothing about it for fear of failure. It's time for a change guys! XO

Dress // Topshop

Shoes // Louboutins

Sunnies // Dior 

Fall in LA

I don't know why I haven't posted this OOTD, but here it is! It's fall now, and I'm still not able to really sport a sweater or coat in LA, so I would consider this look a fall inspired one. Although, I've been in Seattle all weekend, and it rained while I was gone. It's ironic that while I was in Seattle, it didn't rain at all. I guess I brought the sunshine with me! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post about my Seattle trip! XO 

Top // Sabo Skirt

Skirt // Zara

Necklace // Forever21

Shoes // Windsor Store

MUA // Jazelle Morales

Into the Weekend..

Labor day weekend is here! What are your plans? I've planned a girls weekend with my sister and cousin! We're headed to Palm Springs for a fun little getaway. There are so many cutesy areas in Palm Springs. We are staying at the Saguaro, so stay tune for a colorful photo diary. I love the retro feel of palm springs, I can hardly wait to shoot there! In the meantime, I thought I'd blog a recent ootd that I've posted on my IG.

Top // H&M
Jeans // Bershka
Heels // Windsor Store