Cheers to 2015

2015.. another year.. same goals.
It's sad to say but every year I fall short of the previous year's goals. Yes, I suck.
I know what I want, so why is it that I'm incapable of achieving it. I most positively hold myself back in every instance. Whatever it is, FEAR, LACK OF CONFIDENCE, LAZINESS, I need to fucking shake it off. This years resolution is to GAMBLE ON MYSELF! I am worthy of the things I want in life and I can't be afraid of taking them.
The end of 2014 was in my opinion only setting me up for the most amazing year ahead. I'm so anxious for all the new experiences I will have. I want to travel three new places I've never been this year. I want to invest a lot more of my energy into the growth of my blog and other business endeavors. I'm definitely getting the itch because, I'm hoping an engagement is in the cards as well ;)
Other daily goals for me would include trying to wash my face more regularly before bed, drinking more water, exercising way more, and contributing more to a retirement fund.
I hope your new year has started off on a positive note, and that that positivity continues to shine on the hell of a year we're about to have! XO

Coat // H&M
Shirt // American Apparel
Jeans + Necklace // Forever21
Shoes // BCBG Generation
Sunnies // Celine

Happy Girl

I captioned this first photo on my Instagram with this quote: "It's not who you are that holds you back. It's who you think you're not." We hold ourselves back so often for fear of failure. This fear gets in the way of what we really can achieve. In fact, the only person you need to prove yourself to, is yourself.  I know it sounds super cliche, but it's true. I constantly talk myself out of what I think I can't do or wont succeed at. Why do we do this? How will we ever know? Just do what makes you happy and forget the rest! I've been so happy this year, It feels like my life is finally falling into place and everything is coming together. I'm so excited at the prospect of whats to come! Today is the Jewish New Year and I'm in great spirits. It's only fitting that today, I am feeling as though a new chapter of my life is opening.. the chapter where I'm confident in who I am and what I can do!  

Top & Heels // Forever21
Skirt // ForLoveandLemons (sample sale come up)
Sunnies // Celine
Hat // Farmer's Market buy - Monique's Boutique