bucket list

30 Before 30

Boy does time fly!!! I've been thinking about what I've accomplished for myself thus far and I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd be at this age. So I've decided to jot down a 30 by 30 list to help me keep tract of what I aspire to accomplish by the age of 30. Some of these are kinda boring but necessary for me. Please feel free to share your aspirations and goals as well!

In no particular order, here it goes: 

1. Get married. ( Well now that I'm engaged this is doable haha )

2. Buy a new car. 

3. Have a large sum contributed to my retirement fund.

4. Contribute to my savings account. 

5. Build a following for my blog. 

6. Visit the Grand Canyon. 

7. Take a Road Trip to Big Sur.

8. Make a business investment. 

9. Get my teeth whitened.

10. I've never gotten a Spa facial, so this is something I must try.

11. Attend a blogger meet up and conference.

12. Watch a sunrise at the beach.

13. Take a cooking class.

14. Buy a new camera and learn how to use it.

15. Go horse back riding on the beach.

16. Visit a State I've never been to.

17. Hike the Hollywood sign trail that actually goes to the sign.

18. Take a Pedal Boat Ride at Echo Park Lake.

19. Take a Girls trip somewhere I've never been.

20. Get abs maybe? LOL somehow I feel as though this one might not be accomplished.

21. Hit 5k on IG if not more

22. Learn how to make Videos and start a YouTube channel.

23. Stop waitressing.

24. Host a dinner party in which I cook everything from scratch.

25. Have a morning routine... an Adult should have this...

26. Buy a chanel bag? hehe

27. Clean out my closet and revamp my style, AKA stop dressing like a girl, dress like a Woman!

28. Go to a Fashion Show.

29. Set up and style my own fashion editorial shoot.

30. Take a Dance Class.