Here it is, my first post on the new blog!
Everything I'm wearing in this post happens to be new as well hahaha :P
Over the holidays I entered myself in an Instagram contest hosted by YMI jeans and one of my fav blogger's Sazan Barzani. As I entered, I told myself that I would be a winner, and sure enough I won! I've actually never won anything before, so it felt amazing to get a notification that I was one of the lucky winners. It was a good day, and a perfect example of the law of attraction.  I finally got my winnings in the mail the other day, and couldn't wait to share what I thought of the jeans. I can't really complain about a free pair of jeans! I was actually stoked that they sent me a pair in a black wash rather than an original denim wash. I have to say, the "YMI  love skinny jeans" make your butt look great, which just so happens to be perfect for their next IG challenge "the buttfie." The only con about these jeans is that the front zipper pockets are not real pockets. As far as the other pieces to my outfit, I felt that the Stories by KO sweater was a bit over priced for the quality. I love me some collar action  though and this sweater does that for me. The Quay sunnies were purchased on sale on Asos; I'd been eyeing them for a bit.  So glad I bought them, I'm totally in love with how fun they are!  What do you guys think of the look? I happen to think it's a great ootd! XO

Sweater // Stories by KO
Sunnies // QUAY
Jeans // YMI
Booties // Forever21

Shopping Season

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! The holiday season has definitely begun! This time of year is always so warm and cheerful. The decorations, the scents, the people, the presents, it is just a happier month! The shopping is always more fun too. I like the presents; giving them and receiving them. I have to get started on my holiday shopping... I am Jewish but celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas, so it's crunch time for me! On black friday, I managed to buy a bunch of gifts for the babies, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect gifts for my loved ones! Cyber Monday is a good start?! Lets get to shopping.. XO

Black & White

So minimalist is the trending fashion right now. I've always been an all black or white kinda girl, it's funny how it's all of a sudden the thing to do. Nevertheless I like it, it makes it much easier to find pieces I love! I gotta say I'm really stoked on my earrings in this post! I've been looking for this style earring for some time and when I saw that BaubleBar carried them, I immediately purchased them! They are so classic and feminine and above all a stud type earring, which is my fav. I heart everything about this look!  XO

Shirt // H&M
Pants // Forever21
Bag // Zara 
Earrings // BaubleBar
Sunnies // Dior

Intimate dress

Intimates seem to be the thing right now! Everyone is wearing their undies and slips out and I love it! Why not be at your most comfy? Not only is it sexy but its easy too. Love this dress so much, it feels as though I'm wearing a slip, but I think I pull it off well as a dress. The only con to wearing undergarment-like materials is that they get so wrinkly! XO

Dress // Forever21
Booties // Chinese Laundry
Sunnies // Dior (old)
Necklace // Tiffany's

Comfortable Chic

Being comfortable is one of the main concerns for me when I get dressed.
You know what they say "confidence is the best accessory."
Wearing something you love can make you confident too!  I know when I love the fit of something, I always feel good and want to show off my bod hahaha
This dress is one of my favorite "on the go" looks, its so simple and very comfortable but still alludes sexiness. Although barely any skin is visible, the fit is very body hugging and shows your curves. XO

Dress- TOPSHOP, bag- Forever21, shoes- Chinese Laundry.

Happy Shopping!

This past week has been so hectic with the holiday season around the corner; but I'm thrilled about the shopping! There have been some great deals for last minute shoppers. I'm so excited about this new coat! I scored it for 18 dollars on sale this week! I hope you have as much luck with your holiday shopping as I have! XO

Wearing: Coat and Bag- Forever21, Shirt-Victoria Secret PINK, Pants-ZARA, Boots-Chinese Laundry, Earrings-BaubleBar.