Photo diary

Sweet Sakura Girl

Hey there LA, I'm back!!!!
It's been a crazy jam packed two weeks! I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger. I haven't had a moment of rest and now I'm getting sick.. After Coachella, I've lost my voice and my sinuses are a mess! I'm taking the next two sick days to fill you in on all my recent adventures. Japan was a beautiful sight to see and Coachella was a blast, but I'm glad to be home!
Anyways lets get on with it.. JAPAN, OH JAPAN and it's gardens! We were so lucky to catch the end of cherry blossom season. It was almost magical; the delicate blossoms blanket the city with a beautiful shade of soft pink. The Japanese believe the Sakura to be a symbolization of life. The short blossoming season suggests that life is short. The gardens were probably my favorite part of my visit. It was so lovely and peaceful. XO

Dress // Forever 21
Jacket // H&M
Booties // Chinese Laundry

These photos were taken at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.


I finally got around to visiting the DVF Journey of a Dress exhibit and let me tell you..what an incredible exhibit it was! I fell in love with every single inch of that place! I was taken away by how visually stimulated I was. The color, the neon, the patterns, the artwork, the history, the fashion, it was heaven! I encourage you to check it out before it ends, I know I'll be going back again hehe.. XO


Loved this shot of my brother uninterested but planted smack in the middle of a beautiful melange of patterns..makes for an awesome photo.

Jumpsuit // Forever21
Jacket // ZARA (older) similar here
Bag // Forever21
Shoes // Chinese Laundry Booties
Watch // Diesel

New York Minute..

More pics from New York...

Times Square- January 2012

I love this one! It captured the saying on the billboard unintentionally. It was sending me a message. 
"2012 is the year for action."
That little dot behind me, well thats the Statue of Liberty haha.
Street art.
Partial view from the Empire State Building.
Night out... My sissy and I @ Bar Basque
9/11 Memorial. I hadn't seen it since it was ground zero. It truly is a beautiful commemoration.
Love you..

[ Most photos taken by Jessica Jung, others by myself.]

A walk in the park.

Here are some pics from my New Yoorkkkk Trip!!!!
Central Park- January 2012
I think Central Park was probably one of my favs in NYC. Too bad it was so fucking cold. 
It's really beautiful and peaceful. This park is enormous! Definitely a good place to think!

I LOVE the TREES!!!!

[All photos taken by Jessica Jung.]