Netflix and Chill

There is so much to do in LA. I need to start getting out and taking walks. Just walking around my neighborhood, I discovered some tree lined streets that are full of beautiful palm trees! Instead of getting out however, I'm becoming a coach potato. I've been binge watching so much tv lately. I think in an attempt to stop shopping and spending money, I've been distracting myself with movies and television. We spend way too much on our cable and yet there is never anything to watch. I think Netflix and chill is seriously my life right now.  I started watching Stranger Things awhile back, and since then have become hooked on Netflix. I also recently finished watching The OA, which was incredible. They have been killing it with the shows! I really like that I can just watch everything without waiting for a new episode, but that can also be the death of me. Currently I'm watching GLITCH; add it to your queue it's super interesting, haha. If you have any suggestions of TV shows or rather free LA activities, I'm missing out on, leave it in the comments! xo

Tee // Urban Outfitters

Jeans // Topshop

Sunnies // Raybans

Shoes // BCBG Gen (older)

My Moto

The other day, in an attempt to make small talk with me, my fiance's friend asked me what my alltime favorite piece of clothing was (that I currently own.) I actually stared into my closet, trying to answer his question. I felt stupid that I had no immediate response. Today, I figured it out. It's definitely my cropped moto jacket! I always wear it, it's my "go to" for every outfit. 

On a side note.. how cute is this polka dot wall?!! 

Moto jacket // Nasty Gal

Top // unknown (small boutique buy)

Pants // ZARA

Boots // Shoedazzle/Paper Fox

Sunnies // Dior

Vincent Lamouroux PROJECTION LA

I must say that I absolutely loved this shoot. The french artist Vincent Lamouroux had whitewashed the entire site of the abandoned Sunset Pacific Motel in Silverlake CA. It truly is a sight to see, and a beautiful work of art. I love that the artist has tasked it's viewers to create their own projection of the work. Many have projected their own meanings of the work and so much creativity has sprouted from it. I encourage you to check it out before it's gone! XO

Outfit deets:
Bodysuit: American Apparel
Jeans: Gstar Raw
Booties: Forever21 

Not So Slutty

The last time I visited Grand Central Market in DTLA was about 6 or 7 years ago. It wasn't quite what it has become today. The boyfriend and I decided to try out Egg Slut and so that is what sparked the long overdue visit. Egg Slut has been on my list of "must try places" for a short while now. I've heard only good things and was curious to see what all the fuss was about. I must say that I probably wouldn't wait in line again to eat there. It definitely wasn't slutty enough for me. I actually thought it was somewhat basic, over-rated and whatever. NGL, I was a bit disappointed. While we were there I stumbled across a little ice cream spot called McConnell's; they had some unique flavors and it saved the day haha. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions of places I should try? XO


I sometimes feel like an outsider in the city that I grew up in. About a year or so after I finished high school, I moved to Orange County with my family. My early 20s were spent in a city that was nothing like LA. I wasn't much of a beach girl, yet I lived in a city that thrived on that beach life. Although it was an entirely different way to spend my early 20's, It was still wonderful! There are so many great things about Orange County, but I was always an LA girl at heart. I always knew I'd find my way back and here I am rediscovering my beautiful city. LA has so much life and character; it never disappoints. Even when I revisit some of my fav places, it's always a new experience. What are some of your favorite LA spots? XO

(I dont smoke / does this make me look cool? )

Top, Bag & Shoes // Forever21 
Pants // ZARA
Choker // Topshop
Sunnies // Celine

Monday Funday?

Today was a very productive day. I woke up relatively early, and that is perhaps why I accomplished much more. I'm not a morning person; I'll lay in bed for as long as I possibly can. I went to two new places I've never been today, Cafe Midi and Graffiti. La Brea blvd is becoming a hot destination for shops and eateries. I loved that I could have lunch on the sidewalk (just like in Paris) and then walk into American Rag to do a bit of shopping, and then skip over to Graffiti for some coffee and down time. I enjoyed both places and thought that both environments were quite fun. What are some of your fav LA hangout spots? XO

Iphone Case // Milkyway Cases
Sunnies // Celine

Who you calling a FATTIE :)

Ok so here's the deal, I eat out.... I eat out a lot. My busy, on the go lifestyle, truly limits my home cooking. I know it's bad for you, but lets be real, it can be quite enjoyable. Since my move back to LA, I've frequented a few new spots and they have become my favs.

BOTTEGA LOUIE - What a wonderful restaurant! I loved everything about it. The architecture and design of the restaurant was so bare but beautiful. I love that all the walls are white, makes for great lighting. Reasonably priced, yet somehow I felt like I was splurging. 
The desert bar is to die for; not only pleasing to look at, but delicious as well. I like the eclairs! The macarons there are overly hyped. Lette macarons or La Duree are the only way to go when it comes to macarons :)
The only negative for me was that there was no parking, its not easily accessible.

SUGARFISH BY SUSHI NOZAWA - This place has become my absolute FAVORITE sushi restaurant. I can't believe I'm barely discovering it. It was JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI, that sparked my interest in the art of sushi and prompted me to look for a restaurant that is considered to uphold such a standard. TRUST ME menu all the way! The Studio City location is the best of all its locations, but be prepared to wait for a table.

THE BOILING CRAB- I gotta say, it was a fun experience! I got to wear a bib and eat with my hands. I'm a seafood lover too, so this place truly was a delight. I was kind of grossed out by the shrimp still having their heads but all in all, it was awesome!

FIG AND OLIVE - Honestly this place has such amazing food. I love almost everything on the menu that I've tried. My absolute favorites are the Sea bass and the Fig and Olive salad. Although this restaurant is a little more pricey than the others, it's totally worth it.

Happy Eating! XO