Classic Denim Jacket

In LA it's hard to say what exactly can be considered fall weather, since it pretty much is always sunny and warm. Still, It is starting to feel a bit like fall! It's been cooler in the evening and I've been bringing a light jacket with me everywhere.  A classic denim jacket is just the perfect choice. I've been wearing my denim jacket with just about everything lately. I bought mine awhile back at  Forever21 and it's lasted me well, forever! You can't go wrong with denim in my opinion and it seems that denim jackets are starting to make a comeback too. 

Dress and Denim Jacket // Forever 21

Purse // APC 

Shoes // Steve Madden

Fall in LA

I don't know why I haven't posted this OOTD, but here it is! It's fall now, and I'm still not able to really sport a sweater or coat in LA, so I would consider this look a fall inspired one. Although, I've been in Seattle all weekend, and it rained while I was gone. It's ironic that while I was in Seattle, it didn't rain at all. I guess I brought the sunshine with me! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post about my Seattle trip! XO 

Top // Sabo Skirt

Skirt // Zara

Necklace // Forever21

Shoes // Windsor Store

MUA // Jazelle Morales


Sorry I've been so MIA... I fully intended on blogging my trip to Hawaii, I just got so distracted with all the hoopla!!!! So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know I got engaged. Otherwise, I guess now you know :P 
I was completely caught off guard; I had no freakin' clue; what a surprise it was! This trip was made to celebrate my boyfriend's two friend's birthdays. Gabriel would never take away from anyones special day, and this is why I felt he would not propose to me on this trip. He has always been the type to pull through and make your special day even more special and never to subtract from that. He really is so thoughtful and I'm truly over the moon! We've come a long way and I'm so excited for what the future has in store for us. 

We had rented a private property for the first three days of our trip on the Big Island, Hawaii. The property was amazing, it was off the grid and surrounded with roughly 11 acres of beautiful land. While we all wanted to explore the trails and gardens on the property, it was a bit difficult to do so on the first two days because of our activity schedule and the rain. On the third day, I woke and made breakfast for the gang and then proceeded to get ready to take these blog photos. I felt pretty and was really happy that I got to finally take some decent pics of myself haha. After my mini photoshoot, I went to check on the boys and asked them what the plan was for the rest of the day. They wanted to explore the trails and check out the grounds. We all went as a group and my sister took her go-pro along, which I didn't think anything of. Gabriel and I held hands and led the group, he started off with I love you more than anything in the world and I kissed him, but paid little attention to his speech. I was too concerned with why everyone was walking so slow and remained at a distance. Until Gabriel finally shouted BABE to get my attention as he pulled out a ring box from his back pocket. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him and I replied "of course!" I was so surprised and in shock, I had no idea. I always wondered how he would ask me, and it turned out perfect. 

In My Culotte

A modern day culotte is a knee length pant that hangs like a skirt. It's been so hot in LA these last few days, that these pants seemed like the appropriate choice. I love the allusion of a skirt but the idea that you can function as though you would in a pant. This was my first time wearing them, and I have to say I'm a big fan! Culottes are quickly becoming the next fashion trend and I think these are great for the summer. XO

Culotte // Topshop
Top // Forever21
Shoes // LolaShoetique
Sunnies // Dior
Bag // Chloe

My 20's are almost over..

Some of you may already know, that I just had a birthday. I tend to usually go all out, and make a big hooplah out of the damn thang. I must say that this year, the certain excitement that you get when your bday approaches, just wasn't there. I guess it just comes with getting older. The older you get, the less fuss you want to make haha. This years birthday was very quiet and mellow. I celebrated my 29th birthday, which means that this is the last year of my 20's. They say your 20's are your selfish years, your learning years, your best years.. Reflecting on them thus far only makes me crave accomplishing much more before 30 hits me. I've been compiling a 30 before 30 list that I intend to complete before then. Stay tuned, I shall be posting it very soon! XO

Top // ZARA
Pants // American Eagle
Shoes // Forever21
Sunnies // Dior
Bag // Chloe

Chella, the good, the bad..

This year my Coachella weekend was so different than all the other times I've been. It had it's good moments and its bad. In the past, I've rented a house with friends, but this year we decided to rent hotel rooms. I stayed at the Saguaro, a beautiful rainbow colored hotel. I loved the different colored walls it offered and the simple vibrancy of it all. I have to say, it's a blogger worthy hotel for sure! This year I also attended The Neon Carnival party for the first time, and it was so much fun! Who doesn't love FREE everything, right? It is hands down the best party of Coachella.  As far as negatives go, I was a bit disappointed that I did not get to attend any blogger or fashion parties, and because the hotel was rather far from Coachella, it was more difficult to coordinate with a big group and spend more time on the festival grounds. Plus Drake sucked live; I like his songs but ughh come on, could he have been any more boring. XO

Romper // Forever21
Bib & Belt // Forever21
necklaces // American Eagle
Boots // Chinese Laundry
Sunnies // Celine
Hat // Monique's Boutique  

Festival Inspired

Who are you guys looking forward to seeing at Coachella? After looking over the lineup the other night, I realized there are many artist I'm unfamiliar with. Is there anyone I must check out? I've always been a fan of Florence + The Machine, She has such an amazing voice and she's so great live! I've actually never seen The Weekend live, and I love him so I'm thinking that is a must for me. In all my past years at Coachella, I spent a lot of time at the Sahara tent. I'm kinda over the EDM scene, so I'm happy to expand my music horizons this festival season! Help me, guide me, tell me what I must check out!!! 
On a side note, This look was again festival inspired! I've been living in these vintage Levi shorts. I have to give a BIG Shoutout to my friend Jazelle! She is a very talented Makeup Artist and did all my makeup in this look. She helped out a bunch with this shoot!! Love her!!! Check out her stuff @jazelle_1 on Instagram. XO

Crop // Forever21
Kimono // H&M
Shorts // Vintage LEVI
Jewelry // Forever21
Booties // Chinese Laundry

Shirt Dress

I've been obsessed with these heels since Valentine's day. I just think they are the cutest! I love the pop of color they add.  Here is a quick snap of yesterday's outfit. It was so hot in LA, that this white shirt dress seemed like the perfect ootd. It's hard to want to wear anything really, I just want to lay at the beach all day! I have a major travel bug right now. I'm seriously craving a vacation somewhere beachy! What about you guys, where do you want to travel next? XO

 Bag // Rebecka Minkoff
Heels // Nastygal
Dress // Forever21
Sunnies // Celine

My Post Haircut

Hello lovebugs! 
These photos were taken the day before my haircut. I'm missing the long locks! I thought that after my haircut I was going to be ecstatic but on the contrary, I was almost in tears. It didn't turn out like I had wished. Is it common to have regret after a big hair change? I have yet to find "my hairdresser" because of many horror stories, so through my co-workers referral, I opted to go to a reputable beverly hills salon. I knew I would pay more, but I thought at last I'd be amazed and in love with my new hair. Needless to say $500 dollars later, (yes $500!) I hate my hair! my highlights look really ashy. I hate saying this but I feel like they look so 909. I contacted the hairdresser, and she has agreed to fix the color. Now my concern is that I still will not be satisfied. I've never paid this much in my life to get my hair done and I feel as though in this case, I should love it .. we shall see.. xo 

Outfit - Forever21