Rachel Rates It

This week I'm rating Gingergrass, a charming little restaurant located in Glendale/Silverlake.
My boyfriend first took me there and this is how I discovered the trendy little spot.  
Only having gone a handful of times now, I feel that I am capable of giving you some insight about the place. It has a minamilast decor, which I enjoy. Because I'm always cold, I always sit inside, but they do have a lovely outdoor sidewalk terrace as well. The daily specials are written on a large chalkboard hung above the cashier/ kitchen area. It's a cozy little spot.. you almost feel like you've stumbled upon a secret treasure. 
As for the food, it's more fusion vietnamese rather than traditional vietnamese. I personally enjoyed the Pho, the Wok tossed noodles and Wok tossed lemongrass chicken. I also tried the grilled shrimp skewers and although they were tasty, the portion size was very small. The seasonal grilled vegetable rolls were interesting, but I wouldn't order it again. This last time I went I tried a daily special, the molasses brussel sprouts, and I did not like them. They were undercooked and the molasses brought out the bitterness of the vegetable. One thing I absolutely love there are the shrimp chips! They are a perfect starter and are made perfectly. The crunchy little chip reminds me of my childhood and this is perhaps why I enjoy them so much :P
The service is good, the food is quick, tastes great and the environment is clean and comfortable.
Overall, I give the place a thumbs up. Check it out and let me know what you thought and what you enjoyed so perhaps the next time I may try your suggestions! XO

Who you calling a FATTIE :)

Ok so here's the deal, I eat out.... I eat out a lot. My busy, on the go lifestyle, truly limits my home cooking. I know it's bad for you, but lets be real, it can be quite enjoyable. Since my move back to LA, I've frequented a few new spots and they have become my favs.

BOTTEGA LOUIE - What a wonderful restaurant! I loved everything about it. The architecture and design of the restaurant was so bare but beautiful. I love that all the walls are white, makes for great lighting. Reasonably priced, yet somehow I felt like I was splurging. 
The desert bar is to die for; not only pleasing to look at, but delicious as well. I like the eclairs! The macarons there are overly hyped. Lette macarons or La Duree are the only way to go when it comes to macarons :)
The only negative for me was that there was no parking, its not easily accessible.

SUGARFISH BY SUSHI NOZAWA - This place has become my absolute FAVORITE sushi restaurant. I can't believe I'm barely discovering it. It was JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI, that sparked my interest in the art of sushi and prompted me to look for a restaurant that is considered to uphold such a standard. TRUST ME menu all the way! The Studio City location is the best of all its locations, but be prepared to wait for a table.

THE BOILING CRAB- I gotta say, it was a fun experience! I got to wear a bib and eat with my hands. I'm a seafood lover too, so this place truly was a delight. I was kind of grossed out by the shrimp still having their heads but all in all, it was awesome!

FIG AND OLIVE - Honestly this place has such amazing food. I love almost everything on the menu that I've tried. My absolute favorites are the Sea bass and the Fig and Olive salad. Although this restaurant is a little more pricey than the others, it's totally worth it.

Happy Eating! XO