Hey Guys! I've been so busy moving, planning a wedding, and celebrating my bday (posts about all this to come) that I've neglected to blog my outfits. In all honesty, I have been avoiding the malls in an attempt to save money. It is very hard for me not to shop. If I'm not out shopping, I'm online shopping. Even though I rarely purchase clothing online, because I fear that it wont fit the way I wish it to, I still buy. I'm the girl that has too much clothes and yet has nothing to wear! I've browsed many online shops over the last few days and have set my eye on quite a few things. In the meantime, I guess I should blog the outfits I do have.. So my tan lines are cray, but this off the shoulder is awesome. ; )

Top & Shorts - ZARA // Shoes - (old) Target // Sunnies - Quay // Bag - APC // Necklace - Forever21