Am I crazy?

Hey peeps,

My son Luc is now 6 months old! Where does the time go? While I'm just starting to get the hang of motherhood, it still feels so odd that I'm a MOM.  My heart has never felt a love like this before. I spend most of my days in my pjs, entertaining this little human. At this stage, he is so chatty, really grabby, and incredibly smiley! He rolls over and has just started to sit up by himself.  The bond a mother and child have is truly an incredible thing. Anyways this post was inspired by last nights bedtime. Last night my husband was on bedtime duty, and while he was putting our child to bed, I thought...  

I laid in bed and thought about our son. I'm not sure if this makes any sense, but I missed our son. He was only in the next room, but it was hard to just wait in bed. I wanted to take over and be the one to snuggle him tight while he fell asleep. I've been the one to put him to bed every night, and I wanted to share in this duty to occasionally give myself a little break and for my husband to figure out his own bedtime routine.  A break is extremely important for a stay at home mom, or for any mom for that matter. So why was I thinking about forfeiting that?  I'm a crazy lady. I spend all my days with this little nugget and all day long, I yearn for just a little break. The second I get that break, all I can think about is my baby. Motherhood is a crazy thing.