We're having a BOY!

I announced the gender on Instagram, but never officially on my blog. We are having a baby boy! When people would ask me if I thought it was a boy or a girl, I always said boy. I just felt like I was gonna have a boy. My husband on the other hand, would always reply girl. He thought because he wants a boy first, he'll get a girl. But that wasn't the case and he is beyond excited that it's a boy. He actually wasn't present at the doctors appointment the day I found out, because he was on his way back from Coachella. I contemplated playing a trick on him, but I'm not a good liar and I couldn't contain the news.

Here are photos of my 23 week bump! All the clothing in this post is non-maternity! YAY :)

Dress // Forever21

Jacket // NastyGal

Purse // Givenchy

Shoes // Nike

Sunnies // Rayban