Netflix and Chill

There is so much to do in LA. I need to start getting out and taking walks. Just walking around my neighborhood, I discovered some tree lined streets that are full of beautiful palm trees! Instead of getting out however, I'm becoming a coach potato. I've been binge watching so much tv lately. I think in an attempt to stop shopping and spending money, I've been distracting myself with movies and television. We spend way too much on our cable and yet there is never anything to watch. I think Netflix and chill is seriously my life right now.  I started watching Stranger Things awhile back, and since then have become hooked on Netflix. I also recently finished watching The OA, which was incredible. They have been killing it with the shows! I really like that I can just watch everything without waiting for a new episode, but that can also be the death of me. Currently I'm watching GLITCH; add it to your queue it's super interesting, haha. If you have any suggestions of TV shows or rather free LA activities, I'm missing out on, leave it in the comments! xo

Tee // Urban Outfitters

Jeans // Topshop

Sunnies // Raybans

Shoes // BCBG Gen (older)


This whatever bomber is on heavy rotation. I'm trying to buy less and less trendy items and more staple classic pieces, but this bomber definitely snuck in there. At least it's black and pretty much goes with everything... I just couldn't resist sportin the motto.  Whatever has certainly been my mood lately.

Bomber // ZARA 

Jeans // Topshop

Shoes // Vans

Bag // Chloe

 Choker // Deadgirldancing

Feelin Like A Champ

It's been so chilly in LA. I mean, I've never taken sweater weather so seriously before. As you know, I'm a sucker for baby pink or blush tones, so naturally this sweater was a perfect choice. I purchased it online as a Hanukkah gift to myself. I bought it in size XS and honestly it fits rather large on me. Even though I was disappointed in the fit, I still liked it enough to keep. I think mainly the sleeves bother me. This outfit turned out super sporty, which is not normally my look. It was ultra comfy to wear and I think I may opt for looks like this more often.  

Sweatshirt // Champion from Urban Outfitters

Pants // Topshop

Sneakers // Adidas Ultra Boosts

Classic Denim Jacket

In LA it's hard to say what exactly can be considered fall weather, since it pretty much is always sunny and warm. Still, It is starting to feel a bit like fall! It's been cooler in the evening and I've been bringing a light jacket with me everywhere.  A classic denim jacket is just the perfect choice. I've been wearing my denim jacket with just about everything lately. I bought mine awhile back at  Forever21 and it's lasted me well, forever! You can't go wrong with denim in my opinion and it seems that denim jackets are starting to make a comeback too. 

Dress and Denim Jacket // Forever 21

Purse // APC 

Shoes // Steve Madden

Seven Magic Mountains

Driving to and from vegas can be a pain, but now there is something cool to see along the way. I must admit I haven't driven to vegas in quite some time, flying is definitely the way to go. I just don't see the appeal of the dreaded hungover drive home, so anytime I can, I fly. Don't get me wrong road trips can be fun and there are plenty of cool spots to visit on the way to Vegas and just a short drive from it. This last time I went, we drove and so I made sure visiting this art installation was on the agenda. Seven Magic Mountains is a colorful sight in the desert. Ugo Rondinone's large scale art installation is super insta worthy. I loved it! 

Outfit Deets: 

Dress // Lucy Paris (REVOLVE)  

Sandals // Target

Necklace // Forever21

Hat // Minnetonka

Belt // Vintage (purchased at the melrose flea)

Summer Mode

I think ZARA is my favorite store. As of lately, I've been basically just living in their clothes. I recently purchased this beautiful skirt. I don't own anything like it, but now I want a million of them. It's so comfortable, super flirty and perfect for the summer. I loved that this particular one had pockets!  Although the last few days haven't been really sunny, summer is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready! The only thing I've prepared is my clothing haha. I should of already been working on my beach body, but sadly I have not. My bachelorette trip to Cabo is just around the corner, so I need to step it up. 

P.S. Isn't my nephew the cutest!! 

Top & Skirt -ZARA // Sandals- Gap


Hey Guys! I've been so busy moving, planning a wedding, and celebrating my bday (posts about all this to come) that I've neglected to blog my outfits. In all honesty, I have been avoiding the malls in an attempt to save money. It is very hard for me not to shop. If I'm not out shopping, I'm online shopping. Even though I rarely purchase clothing online, because I fear that it wont fit the way I wish it to, I still buy. I'm the girl that has too much clothes and yet has nothing to wear! I've browsed many online shops over the last few days and have set my eye on quite a few things. In the meantime, I guess I should blog the outfits I do have.. So my tan lines are cray, but this off the shoulder is awesome. ; )

Top & Shorts - ZARA // Shoes - (old) Target // Sunnies - Quay // Bag - APC // Necklace - Forever21

Basic Frills

What to wear, what to wear??? Is this every girls dilemma? I mean seriously, I have way too much clothes and yet I have nothing to wear. I bought this entire outfit at the mall the other day. I really should be cutting back on the spending... you know with planning a wedding and all, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Can't go wrong with the basics though! I know I'll get lots of use out of these high waisted black shorts. I was most drawn to the top, I think it's great for spring and summer looks.  I love a little frill and the sleeves here add the perfect feminine flair! XO

Top & Shorts // ZARA - Heels // Target - Sunnies // Ray Ban

Boots are the thing.

When I think of a West Coast girl's closet, I don't think of coats and scarves.. So what's a Cali girl to do when you wanna dress for fall but the weather only permits sunny and clear skies?? The answer perhaps is BOOTS. I'm obsessed with my over the knee Stuart Weitzman boots! I wasn't able to really break them out during the recent rainy days, but for these sunny LA days, they are just perfect. While they work great for daytime, they can also dress up a casual night look. Over the knee boots add a certain sexiness to any look! My pair of Stuart Weitzman's are truly very comfortable to wear. Although they are more on the pricey end, many more affordable brands have designed their versions of this beauty. I am now so tempted to buy myself a pair in black.

Sweater // Mango

Pants & necklace // American eagle

Boots // Stuart Weitzman

Sunnies // Dior

Bag // Louis Vuitton 

New Ride, New Year...

So I'm happy to report that for Christmas, I got a new car! My last car was a Mazda 3 (2007) and I really loved the little sucker. Although it didn't have power anything, it was my baby. I could of invested some money into keeping it for another year perhaps, but I thought it was time for a new one. I was tired of telling my passengers to lock their doors as they got out hahaha. I felt I deserved a grown up car, and that I did get. I decided to lease an Audi S4 with all the bells and whistles! I'm stoked on my new ride and it was a sweet ending to a very blessed 2015. I'm in a good place and I can't wait for what 2016 has in store. Happy New Year!