Where You Been Preggo Lady!

I know that I' am awful at consistently posting, but I've been especially awful at it during my pregnancy. As I mentioned in the previous post, maternity wear is really not cute. It is actually really hard to feel pretty when all you want to do is dress like a bum. Even when I manage to get myself done up, I still don't feel pretty because I'm not used to seeing myself pregnant and I feel "fat." I've noticed that a lot of people are currently pregnant in my life (must be the age) and on all my social media. Many bloggers that I follow are announcing their pregnancies, and it is hard not to compare myself to them. Every pregnancy is different and I don't want to advertise a falseness to mine. I can't wear the clothing I used to and be comfortable, and I wont spend my $ on overpriced maternity clothing. My freckles are in full force and my nose is always red. I'm just not feeling like my fashionista self at the moment and that is ok. Rather I'm focused on watching my baby grow and preparing for his arrival. As my husband says: " I've been non-stop! " I nag him daily with new home projects and preparing our nursery (post to follow.) 

Anyways, I'm 32 weeks +2 today! I'm getting a little closer to my due date and to getting my body back haha. In the meantime however, I'll try to recap the last 10 weeks as much as I can and I will also post about all my home renovations, my nursery and baby shower! Be sure to keep an eye out! XO

I live in maternity leggings and tees. Here is where it all began, my 21 week bump! 

Hat // Monique's Boutique

Shirt // Gap maternity

Leggings // Nordstrom rack purchase

Shoes // VANS