Life in PJS

I spend most of my days in PJs. Who needs to actually get dressed when you spend your days at home playing with a messy toddler. I mean one things for sure, I can no longer wear something nice just to hang out, because frankly who wants to spend their time trying to get stains out of clothing you actually like. Then there is also the issue of not fitting into most all of my pre pregnancy clothing, so sweats also seem like the logical choice lol. My life has drastically changed and Im still trying to accept it. Having a child truly changes you in so many ways. My body, my self care, my lifestyle, it has all changed.

I used to get all dolled up for work and for nights out on the town. I enjoyed taking photos of my outfits and going to explore new places. I liked being a part of the scene and being seen. I still like those things, except now I don’t get the chance to do them much, and now I feel out of place when I do them. Now when I need to get ready to go out, one part of me is excited at the chance to get out and the other is dreading finding something to wear. Getting dressed has become very unpleasant for me, I just judge my body and become depressed over the way I look. But when I think about life in PJs, I think about my son. He doesn’t see my outfit or the bags under my eyes. He sees his loving mom, his goofy best friend, and his favorite snuggle buddy! It’s sweet to have someone unconditionally love you in all your hot mess glory. The moments we spend together are priceless and so worth all the changes Im currently complaining about. How do you juggle the old you, with the new you? In today’s society, it is too hard to not care about appearances. I know I can still be everything to my son and still put myself together but why is it so hard? This must be a phase new moms go through. I guess I’m still trying to figure it all out.