Blogger problems..

I'm constantly stressing about my blog content. I have not been posting enough and I know it. I know that if I want this blog to grow, I have to invest in it much more than I have been. I know that I have to work much harder at this, but why is it that I have not been doing so?! I truly get in my own way! I procrastinate so much. Most importantly though, I must find ways to feel less limited and more motivated. Recently, a fellow blogger DM'd me on Instagram and we grabbed coffee and got some great photos! It got me thinking about what is holding me back. I often don't have someone to help me capture my ootds and this is a big issue for me. This was a great way to help one another create as well as build good friendships. While my friends are amazing, they are not quite as passionate in fashion as I. I've decided to get a blogger girl gang of my own started. I think it would be so much fun! XO 

Jumpsuit // Nasty Gal

Bag // Chloe 

Sunnies // Celine

Shoes // Forever21