Part One: BALI


I might be bias, but I'm pretty sure I had the best honeymoon ever. My husband really outdid himself on this trip. I really love that we share the same passion for traveling. He is my forever adventure partner and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our trip was divided into three parts: Bali, Singapore and lastly Thailand. 


The first three days of our trip were spent in Ubud, Bali. Ubud was beautiful and relaxing.  While it boasts in art and culture, it is less of a city atmosphere and more scenic and village like. Completely surrounded by rainforest, rice fields and lush greenery, it provided serene vibes. I was completely blown away at our hotel, Hanging gardens of Ubud. The hotel's main draw was it's infinity pool in the middle of the rainforest. It had amazing views and literally felt as though you were swimming in the treetops. As a special bonus, Gabriel booked us a villa with it's very own infinity pool. Our room was also very nice and we were welcomed with flowers on our bed and gifts from the hotel. Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery, we spent a lot of time getting massages and treatments. We did however visit the rice fields, a few temples and ate at a few restaurants outside of our hotel.

Notable mentions: The Tegalalang Rice Terrace was very picturesque. One can trek through rice fields as far as the eye can see. Our visit to Tirta Empul temple was quite an experience. Tirta Empul is known for its holy spring water bathing structure, that the Balinese use for ritual purification. A local instructed us on the proper worship. The pool area has many fountains that disperse holy spring water and each one has a different purpose. The pool also has lots of koi fish swimming around, which was freaky to walk in. After hearing about Ubud market, the blogger in me just had to make a stop. I didn't end up buying anything, but there were many colorful souvenirs. It was filled with cultural items and clothing for the humid weather. Kubu at Mandapa Ritz Carlton was a very cool dinner spot in Ubud. We had dinner in a private cocoon along the river. It was very intimate and the food was excellent. Kopi Luwak is the world's most expensive coffee and we had the opportunity to visit a production facility in Ubud. We took a small tour and learned about how the digested coffee beans produce the famous coffee flavor. I thought the coffee was quite smooth and enjoyed the tasting. 


While Ubud offered beautiful jungle feels, we were ready for beaches and shopping. I was expecting really beautiful beaches and was really let down. I'm not sure if it was just bad weather or wrong beach choice, but I was not impressed. I actually felt as though the beach seemed a bit dirty. I did not expect there to be trash on the beaches thats for sure. Seminyak beach is great because you can bar hop along the beach. Every hotel has bars on the water, and most have dj's and each place has it's own party. We visited Potatohead, the W bar, and La Plancha. We took an hour drive to Nusa Dua, a beach known for water sports, where we went parasailing and jet skiing! It was a fun day, but I also was not impressed with the beach water. I truly think we missed out on the beautiful beaches of Bali. I will say that our hotel One Eleven in Seminyak, was incredible. We again had our very own private pool. I basically swam in it instead of swimming at the beach.  l loved swimming in the humid weather while it also rained! The hospitality at One Eleven was great. The complimentary breakfast was cooked in your villa every morning and they also provided transportation. Each villa also had it's own private massage room and we definitely took advantage of it. It was such a beautiful villa and I loved our stay there. 


In Singapore, we stayed at the Marina Bay Sands. The hotel itself looked like a spaceship and it's infinity pool is probably considered a Singapore must see. The pool overlooks the city and the views are truly breathtaking. Even though only guests of the hotel are allowed access, it is still in my opinion crowded.  Apart from the pool, the hotel has a casino, beautiful gardens and endless amounts of restaurants and shops. You don't have to leave the hotel, everything you could possibly need is just steps away. We had our fanciest and most expensive dinner of the trip there, at Cut restaurant. We splurged and got Kobe A5 Waygu steaks, which is a rarity in many steak houses.  The architecture in Singapore seems very futuristic, while at the same time incorporates lots of greenery. Singapore is extremely clean. I didn't see any homeless people or trash in the streets. One of my favorite things to explore in Singapore, was Gardens by the Bay. The gardens were grand and innovative. The indoor cloud forest dome was perhaps my favorite part. 

Notable mentions: While exploring the city, we visited Looksee Looksee, a quiet little tea salon that works on a donation basis. The decor was so cute and I absolutely loved the creative vibes. We also had Kaya toast, the traditional Singaporean breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I thought it was a bit sweet in comparison to a savory American breakfast, but I really enjoyed it. I even bought a jar of Kaya jam, so that I could make it at home. After breakfast, we took a stroll through Chinatown and did some shopping. The Chinatown is smaller than many I've visited but still fun to explore.