For the last few years I've been wanting to visit Tulum, Mexico. I finally got my chance last week! Luckily for me my fiance wanted to take the trip for his birthday. Tulum is becoming more and more populated, but still has it's charm. The beautiful beach and laid back lifestyle is most appealing to it's visitors. There are no TV's or phones, and wifi is rather slow, so no one is distracted by much really. The only complaint I have about Tulum is that I got a ton of mosquito bites. Since it's basically a jungle, it's expected, but it does make for some unpleasantness.

We stayed at two different hotels: Hotel Casa Malca and Mezzanine. Casa Malca was more intimate and had a more domestic feel. It is rumored to have been Pablo Escobar's hide away home. I loved the private beach it offered and the cool artistic decor. The staff was also very friendly and attentive. Mezzanine felt more like a hotel, the room was beautiful and it was definitely a more lively environment. 

We ate at the infamous Hartwood. I felt like it was very hyped up, but I still loved the environment and service. Also Ziggy's and Gitano were fun for drinks. My favorite meal in Tulum was at Cetli. The tamarindo margaritas there were incredible. The restaurant is very welcoming with it's famous complementary app plater. The food was delicious and very authentic! 

A relaxing vacation is only complimented by a great Spa day and that is exactly what we did. Yaan Wellness Spa was amazing. The massage rooms are quite cool, as they are separate huts all around the property. The space is just beautiful. My fiance commented that his massage was one of the best messages he's ever gotten. The masseuse really puts in work. 

As far as tourist activities, we only went to see the Tulum Ruins. It was conveniently close to the hotel area and super easy to visit. I do regret that we didn't visit any of the Cenotes or Akumal bay, but there will for sure be a next time. Truly, it's a great and affordable getaway!