My name is Rachel Van Zandweghe and I'm a 33 year old fashionista. While I am a bit older and late to the fashion blogger game, I'm still a strong believer in following your dreams, pursuing your passions, and working hard. I've actually had this blog for quite some time! At first it acted as more of a diary, It was an outlet for me to voice my thoughts and experiences, but now I find that it can be so much more. It's become a way for me to inspire, share and learn. Im truly a simple LA girl, looking to share my passion for fashion, food and traveling and of course make new friends along the way. 

5 words to describe your style... EVOLVING, CLASSIC, PLAYFUL, GIRLY, and SIMPLE.

Fav Quotes: "Sometimes wearing all your favorite things at once, is a valid way to get dressed." 

Favorite color.. obviously black and then there's gold, and of course PINK.

Favorite designers or brands..  Chanel, Chloe, Reformation, Topshop, Zara, Sezane, Zimmerman, Madewell, Lululemon ...

Favorite restaurants (In LA).. Sugarfish, Cleo, Madeo, Nobu

Favorite movies.. Grease will always be my favorite movie! Other contenders are: Love Actually, Crazy Stupid Love, I Love You Man, The Notebook, Sex and the City...What can I say I'm a sucker for romance :P

Guilty pleasure.. Eating Sweets (lots of BOBA and ice cream)